Accounting is not just about getting a set of figures from a client and setting them down in a prescribed format.
Some Accountants simply work this way, thereby doing their clients a great disservice and invariably losing their clients large sums of money.
It is the difference between a person being trained as an Accountant and an entrepreneur being trained as an Accountant.
The former is often blinkered and unable to apply a wide range of experience and principles to a given accounting and tax situation.
An Accountkeeper on the other hand is a highly-educated and experienced business person, academically trained in accounting  –  in some instances beyond the level of your average accountant.
Accountkeepers are able to draw from a broad field of practical knowledge to accurately address accounting, tax and business issues minimising your tax liability and helping to resolve practical business problems.
As such an Accountkeeper is much like an advanced Accounting and Business Consultant in one.
Accountkeeper services include accounting advice, annual financial statements, tax returns, referral to other business services.
For more details follow the Services link above.

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