Accountkeeper®/Account Keeper® is a global network for accounting, incorporation and business services.


The Accountkeeper concept was established in 1976 and has been developed and operated since 1983, during which time we have handled accounting and tax matters for thousands of clients, locally and internationally. We are well-known in the marketplace for accessibility, reliability, efficiency, experience, accuracy, backup and pleasant service.

Accountkeeper is a division of Fixed Accounting Services CC 2004/009702/23, formerly Kembul (Pty) Ltd 1996/002692/07.

Information Manual in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000.
Adobe® Reader® – to open the Information Manual .pdf file above.

Our Purpose

To offer accounting and tax information and services nationally and internationally,
with a view to individual and community upliftment and advancement.

Our People

Our staff compliment is made up of trained and supervised people in the fields of accounting, tax, auditing, administration, economics, law, sociology and management.

Our Corporate Family

Accountkeeper is the group’s accounting and tax unit. Tagan CC is our property investment arm which owns and manages the offices occupied by Accountkeeper. The group holds and administers the AccountkeepereCC and Close Corporations Direct trademarks. Readico CC t/a eCC is our business-registration unit.

Social Responsibility
Contact your waste paper agent today!

Besides playing a part in community development and nature conservation, we carefully recycle all waste and statutorily-aged paper. In this way we make our contribution to preserving the world’s trees, so crucial in maintaining a balanced ecology.

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